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Posted By: Admin DreamingCode

It has been brought to our attention that there is a 5-year warranty associated to the Roofing and Flashing subcontractor package on the Sandwich Marina project. The job bids on 7/22/15.


Notwithstanding any other requirements of this contract, the Roofing and Flashing Subcontractor shall guarantee the performance of the installation of materials included in this Section for five years from the date of Substantial Completion as defined in Article 9.6 of the General Conditions. Should any defects in materials or workmanship appear during this period, they shall be connected or replaced by the Roofing and Flashing Subcontractor to the satisfaction of the Architect, and at no expense to the Owner.

The Surety Association will contact the owner/architect on this project in an attempt to negotiate a more favorable warranty provision. Updates will be provided as we receive them. As always, we encourage each member to develop their own risk mitigation strategy in the event we are unsuccessful in our attempts to modify the warranty.

Sandwich Warranty Info.pdf